A Better Man, Husband, Father Book Review

Title: A Better Man, Husband and Father
By: Joe Miller
ISBN #978-1498438229
A CBM Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

A Better Man, Husband and Father by Joe Miller is a compilation of 180 short, easy-to-read daily devotionals that take men on a journey to becoming a better man, husband and father.

Designed to reflect and re-construct character, the author poignantly, and sometimes humorously assists men in gaining spiritual insight into this thing called “life.”  Beginning by looking at the man in the mirror, the author leads readers on a journey of redemption from past hurts, failure and baggage, pointing to them to a new life in Christ.

Spoken from a genuine heart and one that has known failure and defeat, this book is filled with encouragement and inspiration as the author brings wisdom, hope and light throughout the 180 daily devotional.  Many different subjects are covered such as: prayer, being a good marriage partner, and children to name a few that give understanding and advice. This is a simple read that is a light and concise
devotional that will lead one to life with God as the center.  

Filled with the theme of redemption, the author offers hope in coming to the One who truly knows you – Jesus Christ. This is an exciting, down-to-earth read that will help others gain traction in understanding that they cannot change their past, but they can become a better man, husband and father through Christ. 

Highly recommended!